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Mané Mané & Célia Valverde - Serpentine (2015) by Anabel Navarro - Song: Untitled

Movistar+ - Fama a bailar (2019) - Song: “Allodoxaphobia”
Canal+ - Menú Stereo (2015) - Songs: “El Magico”, “Dat Christ” and “Forgive Song”

Monki Clothing - “Monki Talks” (2013) Song: “Weekend Boy”
Monki Clothing - “Moira Ganley” (2013) - Song: “My Mind Into The Garden”

Jean Baptiste Fort x Sicky Magazine (2013) - Photo Shoot directed by Laura Martínova von Schloss - Song: “This Is What Happens When You Wake Up In The Morning All Alone”
Fox Searchlight - “Lola Versus” (2012) directed by Daryl Wein - Song: “My Punk Is Alive” by The Fruhstucks
MTV - Visit Malta (2012) - Song: “Ah, No”
Newport Beach Film Festival (2011) - “Boy Meets Girl” by Aaron Stoller - Song: “Lucy”
Max Azria - BCBG New York (2011) - Song: “Ah, No”
Short Film: Atlas (2011) by Raquel Melián - Acting as Icarus / Music by Sutja Gutierrez